About Me

Founder @ GrowOnlineToday.com – A Lead Generation Company with FaceBook Ads |
Co-Founder @ Digitalmarket.com – Marketing Automation Company |
Part of BNI Gurgaon Summit |
Skills – WordPress development & Funnels

Help coaches make 10X sales by building high-converting funnels using the right tools and plugins.

My Gain Sheet


Establish 2-3 successful eCommerce/SaaS (Software) companies (in multi Crores) while becoming a high-value content creating machine by 17 Oct 2025.


Got into GSoC (Google Summer of Code) 2 times in a row, even after coming from a tier-5 engineering college. Most students from IITs or NITs get a chance here. Made my first lakh here during my college days.

Established my website and online ads business just after graduating from college (2019), within a year. Now, working with multiple clients, nationally and internationally.

Became co-founder of a SaaS startup (Digitalmarket.com). Already having 200+ customers within a year.

Became certified with top institutes like Digital Deepak, Digitalmarketer company,
Scaling & Growing with Gaurav Bhagat, 10X, and many more.

Did bungee jumping once in Goa.

Completed 50 hours of volunteering work in Youth for Seva, Bengaluru, where I taught children during my computer engineering days.

Became among the top 10 participants in the NIT hackathon where we built VR software in 3 days by pulling all-nighters.




Listening to podcasts (Grant Cardone), music (Nightcores, Dubstep), and business case studies while working.

Watching coding stuff and science and space-related channels on youtube (Kurzgesagt, Veritasium, Seeker, etc). I like checking the latest space innovation happening.

Learning Japanese as I was always fascinated by their animation and their culture. Hope to establish a business in Japan someday.

Checking news of reforms in India or knowing about startups.

Sometimes watch animated series and play video games to ease my mind.



Monthly Mentorship Program
GS Growth Hacking B2
SWGB December Batch 2020
Art of Personal Branding
KCMS school and SRSIT college group
DM Evangelist
OBM (OB Millionaires)
DD Hustlers 2021
Shopify Experts
WordPress Freelancers and Developers
Internation Clients Framework
10X Sales
GSoC Students 2019
Patrick Dang Inner Circle
India Startups and Businesses
Woocommerce Community
ATES Amazon
Batch 3 DD
MVM New Masters
Discord (Flying Start Online, Shopify, Business & Entrepreneurship)
Self-Worth Relationships tribe
Ecom Insiders – Shopify $100K Mastery
Business connections & Friends (International Learning)
Learn Digital marketing (By LearnToday.com)
Entrepreneurship Drive
Give Good UX company of friends
Kadam SaiCharan Group of Affiliate Marketing
Facebook Ads Mastermind
MySilentTeam Amazon FBA
MSME Entrepreneurs
Adzooma Community
Issac Rudansky’s Digital Advertising Superstars
Funnel Hackers
Business Growth Mastermind
RankMath SEO
Learn Social Media
Tech Startups
21 For 21 Challenge with DigitalMarketer
Freelance Web Designers & Developers
10 Challenge: Official Grant Cardone Community
Learn Design and Go
WordPress Nerds
Mailerlite Community
Funnel Hackers
Service Scaling Systems | Scale Your Agency / Coaching Biz to $50k Months
The Cult of Copy
Facebook Ads Mastermind Group


Problem solver
Do whatever it takes
Look for Joint ventures
Good eye for business opportunities
Landing page and paid advertisement optimizer
WordPress and PHP developer
Handle Big Linux Servers and Scripts
Love automating stuff using API
Or Do hardcore coding to save a lot of time
Tech consulter
Funnel and Automation enthusiast
Lead generation enthusiast

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