Let’s start with a basic fact that – “Time is relative.”

Depending on how you think about it, time is not just a simple clock on your home ticking one second at a time. 

But time has to depend on something. It has to be relative to a thing. Right?

Let’s take an example, suppose a powerful being come into existence one day and grants everyone immortality. 

Now you would never die and age after a certain point. 

What would be the value of time for you then? Don’t you think that time would then be meaningless?

You might then continue doing your task for a lifetime without worrying about your limited time.

You would then won’t have a mortal body, to begin with.

You would fulfill more promises, would then get more things done.

But sadly, we might never be immortal, at least not in our lifetime.

For now, the average age of our mortal body is 82 years, which is equal to 7,18,320 hours.

If tomorrow, the average age of a human body would increase to 100 years, then that would become our limited time. 

And also, you have to consider the fact, by the time you are 25 years of age, you would have already spent 2,19,000 hours.

Then you would only have left around 7,18,320 hours (80 Years) – 2,19,000 hours (25 Years) = 4,99,320 hours in your lifetime. 

So, when people say things like “I don’t have time.”. They are implying that they don’t want to use their mortal body to deal with your shit.

Think of it this way if we became immortal, time gets meaningless. 

But since we will always be a mortal being, doesn’t that means that time is relative to our body aging bit by bit. 

Let that sink in for a bit…

Now, you might ask that what’s the point of talking about this in outsourcing?

Well, I am glad that you asked. 🙂

Let’s take an example…

Suppose you want a website for your business.

But instead of outsourcing it, you decided to build it on your own.

You spent hours to learn website building, perfecting each line of text, perfecting your design and color. 

After spending, let’s say, 100 hours, your website is finally ready, and you learned a lot on how to build a website.

But in the process, you also lost 100 hours.

You would only left with 4,99,320 hours – 100 hours = 4,99,220 hours in your lifetime. 

Plus body would have also aged by 100 hours. 

And your website might not still be good enough to make it public.

An expert website developer might have taken only 48-72 hours building your website. And you would be assured of the quality also.

Plus, by the time those experts would have finished making your website, you might have spent your precious time or use your mortal body on other useful tasks.

Tasks that would have helped you grow your business, and only YOU can do it.

So, instead of spending 100 hours building your website, you could have just outsourced it. 

The same goes for any other tasks like cooking, cleaning, social media posting. 

Every task needs some amount of time from your mortal body.

Your body is always aging, no matter what you are doing. You are getting old by each second, and no one can stop that, not even God.

Take control of your mortal body.

Start outsourcing some of your tasks today, which doesn’t help you grow your business directly.

Try to do only 20% of all the tasks, which will help you get 80% of all the revenue.

And outsource the rest.

What do you think about outsourcing your tasks? Comment your thoughts below.


If you need help in your business for outsourcing, then book a call with me here – https://growonlinetoday.com/calendar


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